Our Services
Adima acts as your guide to plan your enterprise mobility or your track & trace / serialization strategy.

Both, the mobile solutions as well as the track & trace solutions are a solutions and markets subject to fast innovation, extensive solution variety and high technological complexity. We are there to protect you from everything, which is not part of your core business. Concentrate with us to define your mobile and / or track & trace processes and strategy to gain competitive advantage in the market; then trust in our competence to choose the appropriate solution approach to them.
Planning and designing
• Preparation of a technical solution (Technical Blueprint)
• Preparation of an operational solution (Business Blueprint)
• Analysis for implementation and feasibility (Proof of Concept)
• Development within the framework of the PoC
• Preparation of project-plans and resource profiles
• Risk assessment

Services around SAP AII and SAP OER
• SAP AutoID Infrastructure (SAP AIII)
• SAP Object Event Repository (SAP OER)
• Customizing of SAP AII and SAP OER
• Development of customer specific add-ons and enhancements (Java/ABAP)
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Adima completes the puzzle in your SAP IT landscape by enabling, fast, risk free and in budget the Track & Trace capabilities of your SAP landscape. We can help you in the following phases:
Setup of SAP components: