Welcome to Adima
Specialists in SAP Mobile Infrastructure & SAP AutoID, SAP OER
Backed by the deep know-how of the mobile technology (SAP and non SAP) and armed with very rich experiences in implementation projects. We learned from each single experience (positive as well as negative). Then Adima was born.

We are a team of expert SAP professionals with iterative domain knowledge in financial services, automobile industry, healthcare, petrochemical, packaging industries. Our focus area of operation is "Mobility, Tracking and Tracking" for companies running SAP applications

Our Vision
Our Mission
Adima's mission is to democratize the use of Mobile Solutions in enterprises. Making mobility Easy, Fast and Economical to implement and use in India
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Adima's Vision is to become the Numero Uno business application solution provider for "Mobility, Tracing and Tracking Solutions" in India.